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Helen Lomax, Principal of Pathways & Transitions
and her associates, believe in the talents of people and works with them to achieve personal and professional goals. She helps organizations and people to define who they are, what skills they have and how to create the success they desire.


Are You …

… Creating the future you want to see for your business?
… Maximizing the talents of the people in your organization?
… Embracing change to look for new opportunities?

Pathways & Transitions can help you to do all of these things! We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to provide the opportunity to help their staff achieve their personal potential, build strong relationships, create exemplary customer service and to chart the future they want to see.

By helping organizations envision their strategic goals, build solid steps to achieve them, and gain the commitment of people, they can achieve amazing results with an engaged workforce.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you enhance your bottom line – and dazzle your customer base!

Choose Function over Failure

Helen discusses engagement and motivation for organizations in the clip below. The Gallup organization has done a poll that shows only 20% of the workforce is using their best skills every day. Think how much that could improve if people were more engaged and motivated to really contribute their best on a consistent basis.