“Helen’s professionalism and her knack for analyzing a situation and then designing a program which gets to the root of the matter has proven invaluable.”

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Helen Lomax is a dynamo! She is creative, reaches out to others, and is a flexible thinker that can adapt to changing situations quickly. Always delivers what we need.



Helen is uniquely skilled at creating an upbeat learning atmosphere for participants that is very energetic and informative. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and highly engaging. She has a very positive attitude and creates a learning environment that is comfortable and practical for participants. I highly recommend Helen for training sessions!



The workshops conducted by Helen have been professional, well prepared and have given our organization the results that we had hoped to achieve. As a facilitator Helen is extremely effective at conveying the information required while making the presentations interesting and entertaining.



Helen is in the right job as she connects easily with people, looks for creative solutions and is a true professional.



Helen offers relevant, recognized services to our clients. She has a reputation within the communities that enables other organizations to confidently refer clients into these workshops. The material is fresh, proven and her skills in presenting are excellent. From a quality perspective, she is top notch and has always delivered great results.



Helen does her best to deliver exactly what the client wants and somehow know how they want it. She is a wordsmith and can take subjects and make them fun, interesting all with learning involved. She adds stories and analogies to bring everyone along. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.



There have been many benefits to working with Helen. She works with employees and returns for follow up sessions to build a gradual awareness and appreciation of the role we all play as individuals in the overall atmosphere where we work. By focusing on the positive and developing strategies, we were able to move forward with multiple sessions that have served us well as necessary building blocks.



Helen’s ability to create confidence in the group that she is working with, so that they will open up and provide the feedback she needs, is unparalleled. Her business card says “VP Enthusiasm” and I can honestly say that it was the perfect title for her.



Helen has demonstrated outstanding interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to engage her audience in interactive discussions. She has assisted us in obtaining measurable improvements in both customer service and team effectiveness. It was a pleasure to work with her.