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Over time, we all develop our personal view of the world and an approach to dealing with challenges and solving problems. This gets adjusted as we see that some things work and some don’t. As we move through the years, we may not even consider how we approach people/things or if we might actually be getting in our own way.

We have all heard about “fake news”, the criticism given out to others or their ideas, and in extreme – the trolls and their never-ending put-downs and derision of anything and everyone. How sad that they live in that world. Are you a troll or perhaps someone who constantly sees the world through negative eyes? Would you speak to someone face-to-face with the same words that you might use on social media? To me, trolls are cowards and add nothing to society as they only hide behind social media to destroy the self-esteem of others.

I realize that we have many problems in this world and there will always be people that we don’t agree with, or perhaps we just don’t like them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve respect. Because others see the world differently than we do, that is an opportunity to change, grow or consider their viewpoint. You may still not agree in the end, but listen with an open mind and see what possibilities might be hiding in there.

Are you one of those people who others come to; asking for an opinion, some advice or even how to resolve something? They are actually giving you a huge compliment and showing that they respect your knowledge and willingness to share it. They want to hear what you have to say and they know that you look for solutions to issues.

So, when you are challenging something or disagree, don’t stop there. Share what you believe could be a solution, an option or an opportunity. Don’t box yourself in with always following a path you have used in the past. Build on the path, but add new things, try something different and ask others how they would deal with it.

I never have a problem when someone says they don’t like my idea or tell me that it won’t work. Tell me why you think that, give me your rationale, and share with me how you think it could work. When people work together amazing things can happen.

We all have great ideas, an energy level to contribute in some fashion, and solutions that are yet to be developed.