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Are you like a twig floating along in a river? Do you meander along on top of calm water, or get caught in the edges of a whirlpool and go in circles, or perhaps you find yourself in the white water of some rapids and are desperately trying to just keep your head above water? If so, its time to take charge of your life!

Its time to step out of the water and survey the scene around you. Your working life is going to comprise the greatest number of your years here on earth. Make it count and make it what YOU want it to be.

Women face some different challenges from men and sometimes they can appear pretty daunting. Often men are in the power positions and statistics pretty much confirm that. We can alter that with some courage, support and a persistent determination for change. Everyone has opportunities in front of them but it will be up to you to decide to be bold and take the challenge to follow your dream, or to remain where you are. Its your choice.

There are 3 key questions to ask yourself: 1. Where am I now? 2. Where do I want to go in the future? 3. What will it take for me to achieve that dream? Once you have some answers, then you can get to work and make it become your reality.

If women support one another, mentor others to help them learn and grow, be a role model, reach out and ask for help when you need it, and sometimes it just a matter of pushing back on society to say “This has got to change”. Don’t just settle for “this pays the bills”, or well “it’s a job”, or “I don’t know what else I can do”. Really explore what will bring you joy, contribute to help make the world a better place, or maybe even make your mark on helping women to become more successful in careers that they might not have originally considered.

Take a look at the skills you have today – how do they support the “Where do I want to go in the future” question? Can you identify some gaps that need to be filled? Do you need more education, or a bigger support group? Do you need more contacts and find that you need to attend more networking events? Is there an association or group that is close to your dream? Perhaps they can help you to move forward toward it. You can do it if you really want it. It might take some times, but I believe anything is possible.

Look at some of the courageous female role models we have – Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first female astronaut, Jody Wilson-Raybould the previous Attorney General of Canada, and Sister Theresa who challenged countries around the world to help the poor and who tried to make this world a better place. Maybe you will be one of these role models in the future – they choice is yours to try!