Creating the Life You Want!

Are you living your life with zest and doing the things you really want to do?   We can sit back and accept whatever comes our way, or we can say “enough – I’m going to create my own future!”   I’m not naïve enough to believe this is easy, or that it happens overnight.   I do believe that anyone can start today to shift his or her mindset and do something which will put them on a track that has a more positive result than they may be achieving now.   When was the last time you really took the time to explore all the things you do well, where your passion lies, what you truly want to do with your life?   By doing this, you are taking the first step to moving in a direction that is meant for you.   You can determine your destiny by tapping into your talents, creating a plan with definite goals and timelines to move forward.

What are your dreams that you would love to see come to living reality?   Don’t start with “that can never happen” unless you have tried to do them already.   Think about Edison and how many times he tried to create the light bulb.  Think about what would bring you satisfaction that can also provide you with an income to live the life you want.  Start there with the end goal in mind and then think about all the pieces that will be necessary to make it happen.   Do you need more education?   Are you looking after your health?  Do you need some guidance and support from agencies that help people find jobs?  Do you need financial resources that may be available from the government?  Do you network to connect with others to test the waters to check to see what others think of your plans? There are many places and people who can help you.  Start to put these things in motion and continue to learn and expand your mind and opportunities.

Don’t sit and wait for the world to come to your door.   Think about all that you have accomplished in your life, tap into your skills and talents and build the future the way you would like it to look!   Follow your dreams, walk your own path and make a difference!