Dear Santa:

I have tried very hard this past year to be a good person.   I have paid my taxes on time, supported various charities and given my time to volunteer where I felt I could help.   This is my Christmas list that I hope you can fulfill.

  1. Can you please help our elected officials to make good decisions to the benefit of all, not just people in special interest groups or those with money or who are well connected?
  2. Can you please help us to uphold the laws of the land equally to everyone who lives in Canada?
  3. Can you please reduce our debt both provincially and federally so that we don’t continue to pay exorbitant interest rates?   This money could be used in so many other places!
  4. Can you help our governments to deal with internal issues and challenges the people are facing first?   Surveys from Manulife show that 62% of the people in Ontario are struggling to make ends meet every month and seniors using food banks have increased by 35%.   This is a great province so how can this be happening?
  5. Can you please help to budget for “reasonable salary ranges” for top executives in public offices?
  6. Can you help us to reach out to the refugees, by finding private sponsors rather than public money, when we have people here who struggle for health care, enough food and shelter?
  7. Can you help to reduce the gas prices to a reasonable rate in comparison to the cost of oil?  The big oil companies continually post “quarterly profits” in the billions while people struggle to heat their homes and put gas in the car to get to work.
  8. Can you help us to follow the example set by two young brothers from Toronto who created a very strong youth movement to make this a better world.  They have created the slogan and are delivering on it – “Me to We”.   Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could move beyond their wants and to truly look to see how we can make this province what it used to be and to continue to keep Canada the best country in the world.   We need to help those at home first, before we offer millions to other countries.   We can help, but we need to get a solid footing for the citizens here first.
  9. Lastly, can you please help the Maple Leafs to win more hockey games!
  10. Thank you Santa and I truly hope you can help with my list.