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How do you think others would describe your credibility today – strong, average, poor, none? Do you even think about it? Unfortunately, we hear a lot about fake news in our world today. Do you believe everything you hear or read? Hopefully not. Are you always honest in your communication with others? Hopefully the answer is a resounding YES! This is what will build and strengthen your creditability in both your personal and professional worlds.

Politicians, news media, even large corporations appear to be tapping into fake news as a way to sway people into certain beliefs. It works – until they get caught! Take the giant Volkswagen organization admitting that they devised a way to get around emission testing. Wouldn’t it have been money well spent to ensure emissions were reduced rather than trying to fool us that they were complying with regulations?

Many people in our society have also lost faith in our political system and elected officials. We have many strong, hard working individuals representing us, but there appears to be a small number of individuals who will “bend the truth” or simply omit to provide us with certain details until long after something could have been done. Unfortunately, this tars many people with the same brush, even if undeserved.

So, let’s look at you. Do you work to gain success and build relationships through whatever means will get you what you want? Do you honestly answer questions from others even though it may not be what they want to hear? Do you stand behind your beliefs and support others when they are trying to move forward and doing the right thing? Do you own up to your mistakes and take ownership not just for successes, but also for some things that don’t work as planned?

Reaching out to others in an inclusive, respectful, sincere way helps to build individual relationships and also communities. Never underestimate how much impact you can have on the world around you. Ideas and dreams that are shared could very well become reality.

When we treat ourselves and others well, amazing things can happen. So be honest, build your credibility every day, continue to learn and grow, listen to others with an open mind and share your brilliance to improve our world!