Keynote Speeches

Below is a list of Speech Topics.

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  • Achieve Impactful Results with Diplomatic Communication
  • Mining the Diamond Within – Highlight the talents you have to offer
  • Horseshoes, Hula Hoops & Roller Blades – What is your life style and does it get results
  • White Knights & Gremlins – who is really part of your team
  • Image + Attitude = Dollars
  • Stress – Friend or Foe
  • Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Follow
  • Women in Leadership
  • Dazzle your Customers Every Time!
  • The Motivated Workforce and Amazing Results

Achieve Impactful Results with Diplomatic Communication

Listen and learn how to sell your ideas, gain clarity in understanding others and diffuse tense situations by choosing the right words and the right timing! Enhance your knowledge and wisdom to help you create the results you want to achieve.

  • Learn how to alter your approach to fit the situation
  • Know how to maintain your self-respect and remain the professional you are
  • Learn to strengthen those relationships to work towards a positive outcome.
  • Build bridges to your future with words that create power results
  • Achieve Impactful Results with Diplomatic Communication

Mining the Diamond Within –Showcase the talents you have to Offer

Do you ever wonder what causes some people to come alive, achieve success and sparkle with enthusiasm? Do you wish you had the “good luck” that they have? Maybe it’s time to take a look inside at the many skills and strengths that you possess, but have locked away from view. The potential within all human beings is wonderful and if we tap into it, amazing results can occur. So listen and explore:

  • Success based on your terms
  • The talents you possess to make it happen
  • The values that guide your life and connect with your success
  • Learn to take control of all aspects of your life and tap into the diamond within!
  • Match your talents to the career and future you want to see

Horseshoes, hula Hoops & Roller Blades – What is your life style and does it get results.

What do these things have in common and how do they relate to you? The analogy of these three items can often be seen in individuals and how they approach life. Where people put their focus on the day to day activities and what they achieve can be clearly seen. You may be using your energy, but not getting the results you desire. Join us to:

  • Listen and learn about your natural inclinations
  • How to have fun, but get what you want
  • Put your energy where it counts
  • Learn how to shift gears, try new things and alter your path
  • Let the kid inside of you out to fire up your enthusiasm and make life fun

White Knights & Gremlins – Who is Part of Your Team

Come and hear about the crowd you associate with – are they white knights or gremlins? Are they real or imagined? What impact are they having and do you continue to let them influence you and your future?

  • Learn how to attract more white knights
  • Learn how to deal with the gremlins
  • Understand the balance they can bring to your life
  • Be aware that you may be your own worst enemy
  • Know how to make your white knights your strategic partners

Image + Attitude = Dollars!

Image is so much more than just being colour coordinated. People need to understand that how they appear, how they speak and how they interact with others, speaks volumes to the world! Whether you are working within an organization, or operating independently, doing this well can help you significantly increase your financial wealth. It can also stop you in your tracks and you may not even know why.

  • Explore the many aspects of image and how it helps or hinders you
  • Listen to your words – watch your body language – what does it all say?
  • Act like the future is already here – model success and attract it
  • Learn to watch the pros, see what they are doing that leads them to success
  • Build your own plan and enhance the position you are currently in to create the future you want to achieve!

Stress – Friend or Foe?

Life presents many opportunities and obstacles which we may be glad of or wish we didn’t have to contend with. Many people worry about the future “what if`s”. Use your sense of humour to explore how you see life, the worries and concerns that pop up and weigh you down.

  • Learn how to use stress as a motivator to move forward
  • Identify the causes of stress in your life and solutions to deal with them
  • Don`t take yourself and the world so seriously all the time
  • Learn how laughter and lightness can alter your perspective and allow you to deal with issues and main your balance and health
  • Learn the techniques to avoid being drowned in a sea of despair!

Beware of the Potholes

As you travel down the road of life, you will experience many wondrous things. You will also run into some potholes. Some will be small and some appear like they are going to swallow you whole! Do you ever notice how some people seem to be able to incorporate good things and work towards their dreams?

  • Create an awareness to watch for potholes in your life
  • Look for the ragged edges that are starting to crumble
  • These holes collect garbage and puddles that you want to avoid
  • If left unattended, they will slowly get bigger and you may eventually fall in
  • Find solutions to deal with them and make them work for you or avoid them
  • Remember, life is to be enjoyed and an ever growing experience!

Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Follow

Be the person that everyone looks to for advice, direction and support. Tap into your leadership skills and let others know that you are a person with knowledge, creativity, a willingness to support others, and someone who achieves solid results. Exhibit your capabilities to look for options, face challenges head on and provide solutions that work.
Who you are is both a challenge and an advantage so learn to make the most of your great characteristics.

  • Understand the importance of communication and trust in leaders
  • Learn to distinguish between the role of a Manager and the role of a Leader
  • Know the research that Identifies the top five qualities of global leaders and how you compare
  • Use your five power bases well to achieve results and strength relationships
  • Develop an action plan to tap into your leadership capabilities and continuously improve

Women in Leadership

Women have much to offer organizations using their own style and techniques to achieve success. There is no one model that defines a successful leader regardless of gender. Women often see the world through different eyes than men and can bring new perspective to the table. This may allow them to identify opportunities or challenges that might not otherwise surface.

  • Identify the different styles between men and women as leaders
  • Be aware of traits and pitfalls to avoid
  • Know how to build a trusting, open, effective environment to achieve results
  • Recognize the factors of motivation and success
  • Understand the importance of a communication plan that works for everyone
  • Identify positive role models and potential mentors
  • Develop strategies to support the future for females in leadership roles

Dazzle Your Customer Every Time!

Do your customers walk away saying the service they just received was amazing? In this competitive world, everyone needs to continually up their game to ensure that their customers are happy, satisfied and will come back. Take a look at the service you provide and strive to exceed customer expectations every time! Be sure the customer will be dazzled so they return, tell others about their experience and enhance your own satisfaction in your abilities.

  • Identify your customer base and their needs
  • Understand the magic of motivation to gain success
  • Realize that seamless service is a must
  • Identify and enhance your key skills
  • Create strategies to provide exemplary service always!

The Motivated Workforce and Amazing Results

Having a motivated workforce that is energized and enthusiastic will connect with your customer base, increase the innovation within the organization, increase morale, and build a solid reputation for the company. All of this will ultimately lead to a higher bottom line! Leadership styles are critical to keep your employees engaged, to offer them opportunities to get involved, and to build an open flow of communication and trust. Be the role model that everyone looks to and show them just how motivated you are!

  • Learn to tap into positive motivation attributes
  • Identify an energized or dispirited workforce and help them move forward
  • Look for opportunities to engage people and help them grow
  • Learn to inspire others with your behaviour by being a great role model
  • Celebrate successes and chart a great future