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No, I’m not talking about your torrid love life – I’m talking about your day to day living.

Do you wake up in the morning excited about the coming day? What you are going to do or perhaps who you are going to meet? Do you start the day with energy and a spring in your step?

Life is meant to be alive with challenges to be overcome and opportunities to be grabbed. Everyone has possibilities and potential, but its up to each of us to determine which ones we will tap into and how we can shape and create the future we want to see. Are you looking for the ones coming your way?

It doesn’t matter if you run your own business, work for someone else, have retired and left the working world behind, or maybe just graduated and are thinking about your future career. Everyone needs passion and zip in their life to be happy and truly successful!

Sometimes we need to let the kid inside of us loose once again. Remember those days when anything was possible and we might have even strived to become a “super hero”? Well you can do that again. Its easy for any of us to say why something won’t work, or why something is a silly idea. Turn that around and see what nuggets might be hiding in there. How can you make something work and who can help you do that? Sometimes just brainstorming with a friend or work colleague can produce some very interesting ideas. You may not realize it, but you might already be a “super hero” in other’s eyes.

If you have your own business, reach out to others for their suggestions and input. When you do this, be sure you are listening with an open mind for possibilities. Don’t automatically discount what people may say or that “we’ve tried that before”. Maybe the time wasn’t right then and it might be now. Don’t limit yourself in these sessions and reach for your dreams. That’s what Shawn Mendes and Ariana Grande have done and look at the success they have achieved. When Oprah was struggling in her early life, do you think she would have envisioned her world today? Not likely but she went after her goals and is a great inspiration to many. What would really kindle the internal fire and excite you? What brings you joy, a challenge, and intrigues you? What brings your passion alive?

Sometimes we need to chase that dream to turn a corner or to start down a new road. Meet new people, try new things, change your routine, do something you like, but haven’t done in years. In essence what I’m saying, if you always eat green beans, try carrots for a change – you might just like them!