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All companies want to be well respected, profitable and seek future growth. When was the last time you checked out your organization’s reputation? Has your company got the image you would like to have? Is it deserved? Are you achieving the results you want?

Everyone in the corporation should be looking for opportunities to enhance business relationships with vendors and current and potential clients. Knowledge is power and if everyone has a clear understanding of the company goals and objectives, they can help to promote the organization as a place to do business.

To achieve outstanding results, everyone should be involved! Communicate continuously on what is important – new initiatives, policies and procedures and the values that the company is based upon. Use the media to educate the public and your client base about new features, products, services or time limited opportunities.

Make it easy for customers to provide you with feedback. Ask for face to face feedback; send out evaluation sheets; ask staff how they feel. If you continually look for improvements, issues, concerns or ideas, you can only get better.

You won’t be able to implement every idea, but asking for feedback sends the message that you are interested in your client’s and your staff’s thoughts. When you can use them, you help to cement future relationships. You will get the reputation of a company that truly wants to hear from customers, of a company that listens, and a company looking to build a stronger more responsive future.