Make Integrity your Strategic Advantage!

Have you ever thought about how your leadership style and integrity stacks up in the eyes of others? Do they see you as trustworthy? Are you a shining example of what it takes to develop the people around you to build up your organization’s reputation of integrity? Research has shown that a 10% increase in trust within an organization’s culture has the same effect on employee satisfaction as a 36% increase in pay
Stephen Covey.

Join me to learn:

  • The gaps and traps that can have detrimental effects personally and professionally
  • How your leadership style impacts others to act with integrity
  • The strategic advantages that can deliver amazing results
  • How to address situations that need to be changed
  • The tips and techniques to get others involved to build a strong culture together
  • How to ensure the integrity scale is moving in the direction you want to see

Unravelling the Negativity Knot

Everyone faces negativity at some point or another. When it becomes embedded in the organization, it can feel overwhelming and absolutely drain your energy. Don’t let the negativity know take control in your life, impact your health, reduce your productivity and have you spiral into a black hole! When it starts to invade corporate culture, it is devastating for results, customers and staff.

  • Learn about the causes, signs and impact of negativity
  • Identify some of the games that people can play
  • Highlight techniques to decrease stress levels
  • Know how to start a conversation to deal with negativity
  • Understand the importance of feedback
  • Realize and implement the many strategies that will help to eliminate negative behaviours

Mining the Diamond Within – Showcase your Talents

Do you ever wonder what causes some people to come alive, achieve success and sparkle with enthusiasm? Do you wish you had the “good luck” that others seem to have? Maybe it’s time to take a look at the many skills and strengths that you possess, but have locked away from view. The potential within all human beings is wonderful and if we tap into it, amazing results can occur. So listen and explore:

  • Success based on your terms
  • Identify the skills and strengths you already possess
  • Explore any gaps that may be getting in your way
  • Know the values that drive your life and connect with your future
  • Learn to take control of all aspects of your life and tap into the diamond within!
  • Match your talents to the career and future you want to see

White Knights & Gremlins – Who is Part of Your Team

Come and hear about the crowd you associate with – are they white knights or gremlins? Are they a great part of your team helping to achieve strategic goals, or do they hinder your success? Are they real people or just in your imagination? What impact are they having and do you continue to let them influence you and your future?

  • Learn how to attract more white knights into your world
  • Learn how to deal with the gremlins – real or imagined
  • Understand the balance they can bring to your life
  • Be aware that you may be your own worst enemy, but you need to recognize and deal with it
  • Know how to make your white knights your strategic partners

Stress – Friend or Foe?

Life presents many opportunities and obstacles which we may be glad of or wish we didn’t have to contend with. Many people worry about the future “what if’s”, but don’t take into account the impact this may be having on their health or relationships with others. Use your sense of humour to explore how you see life, be patient and kind to yourself, and learn how to unwind and see things in their proper perspective.

  • Learn how to use stress as a motivator to move forward
  • Identify the causes of stress in your life and find solutions to deal with them
  • Become more self-aware and watch for cues that you are starting to stress out
  • Acknowledge that others go through similar feelings and that there are people to help
  • Learn the strategies and techniques to deal with stress and avoid being drowned in a sea of despair!

Dynamic Gold Star Leadership: Building Success

Do you stand outside the box of “a typical” leader and really showcase your knowledge; exhibit your capabilities to face challenges head on; look for options and provide solutions that work; show your ability to motivate those around you; tap into your creativity by collaborating with others to produce outstanding results; and have people clambering to work with or for you? Then you get a gold star because many leaders do not fall into this category.

  • Understand the qualities of a leader that will inspire others to achieve their potential
  • Tap into the research that identifies the top five qualities of highly respected global leaders and how this relates to your skills
  • Understand how to maximize your five power bases when working with others
  • Become aware of traits and pitfalls to avoid
  • Explore the options to build a trusting, open and effective environment
  • Acknowledge and build a communication strategy that energizes others and achieves results
  • Gain a clear understanding of the nature of conflict and how you respond to it
  • Learn how to adapt your style to really connect with others to maximize everyone’s potential and be the leader that everyone wants to work for!

Women in Leadership

Women have much to offer organizations and their role is rapidly changing throughout the world. They have unique styles and techniques to achieve success that may be different from their male counterparts. There is no one model that defines a successful leader, but sometimes it takes specific skills, connections and a strong persistence to create an awareness of this. Women generally see the world through different eyes than men and this can bring new perspective to the table. This may allow them to identify opportunities or challenges that might not otherwise surface.

  • Identify the different styles between men and women as leaders
  • Be aware of traits and pitfalls that some women may be prone to
  • Know how to build a trusting, open and effective environment that welcomes input from everyone
  • Recognize the factors of motivation and success
  • Understand the importance of a communication strategy that works for everyone
  • Identify positive role models and potential mentors
  • Develop strategies to support the future for women in leadership roles

Creating High Performance Teams

Does your team look like Nascar in the corporate world? Is your team super efficient where everyone knows their role, gets the job done and wins the cup at the end of the day? To build strong morale, continually enhance skills, develop high integrity and trust levels, have open, honest lines of communication, clear goals everyone understands and have staff who feel valued and respected, then you just may be in the winner’s circle.

  • Know how to consistently utilize the experience, skills and knowledge of team members
  • Check out what motivates individuals and tap into this when appropriate
  • Identify the key components that will open the lines communication
  • Know when to praise and when to provide constructive feedback
  • Recognize when conflict is surfacing and deal with it early using 4 steps to resolve it
  • Acknowledge your role as either the leader or team member and explore what you bring to the team

Successfully Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is all around us and most people would like to avoid it. It’s a natural part of our world that can help us to see new opportunities, expand our thinking, find new solutions and strengthen relationships if handled early and respectfully. It even allows us to challenge our personal thoughts and maybe even our values. Join me to:

  • Learn about the four main causes of conflict and the level of difficulty to resolve them
  • Know how to start a conversation to deal with conflict
  • Develop some key questions to establish the root cause of the issue
  • Acknowledge the games people play and how to maintain your professionalism
  • Understand and implement the four steps to resolving conflict successfully
  • Know how to generate clear guidelines for confronting conflict in a team environment

Web Speaking General

Helen Lomax has been invited to speak at conferences and meetings across Canada and the United States. She has spoken to groups of 50 up to a room of 1,000 people. Her aim is to help people realize their opportunities to enhance their abilities and continually learn and grow. She has spoken in cities such as San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Victoria B.C., Toronto, and Calgary as examples.

She has been a member of CAPS (The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and has delivered topics surrounding Leadership at Its Best, Exemplary Customer Service, Dynamic Communication to Achieve Strong Results, Four Steps to Resolving Conflict Effectively. She has a strong focus currently to help gov’t and organizations improve their leadership qualities and characteristics and to ensure that they operate with consistent ethics and integrity which can be a great strategic advantage.