Dynamic Communication for Impactful Results

Communication is the most powerful and critical tool that people possess.  How often do you think about your skills, the clarity of your communication, and the results you achieve?  Remove hitting the mark sentence.  This workshop will help people build relationships, influence others, arouse curiosity, clarify situations, establish boundaries, defuse conflict, provide feedback, allow learning to take place, and positively impact the bottom line.  When people at all levels of an organization are clear in their dialogue, then amazing results can occur. Don’t miss an opportunity to take your communication skills to a new level.

Say It With Conviction – Assertiveness Training

Do you use your assertiveness well? Learning to use assertiveness effectively will help you to communication with others, build your self-respect and esteem and to gain the respect of people around you. Remember, everyone adds value! This half-day session is intended to help people gain the confidence to speak up, learn to deal with some of the barriers they perceive, to experience the success of participating and to step out in the world by sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Making an Impact with Effective Presentation Skills

This workshop is filled with ideas and techniques to develop and deliver dynamic presentations to achieve the intended goals.  Participants will learn to quickly highlight the purpose of the presentation, create a logical flow for the audience receiving the message, build on their personal skills and to eliminate words and methods that take away from success.  It is intended that everyone will leave with an increased sense of confidence, the ability to develop powerful presentations, a better understanding of changes that will help them be successful and achieve their goals.

Bringing Out the Best in Staff!

This dynamic one-day workshop will help you to unlock the potential of the people reporting to you!

It will tap into your leadership style and boost the productivity of everyone while helping people manage change, increase morale, enhance communication, build stronger teams, deal with conflict effectively and create motivated staff.  Helping staff to realize their potential and unlocking the key to future success means everyone wins!

Conflict Resolution and Positive Results

Conflict is part of daily life, but many people are uncomfortable dealing with it.  This session is designed to enhance skills, to understand the many ways to resolve conflict, to provide a solid methodology to work through issues, and to deal with the fear of what individual’s believe could happen. A variety of techniques and strategies will be shared and the opportunity to experience some real world scenarios will help your team gain the confidence to move forward.