Customer Relationships

Delivering Exemplary Customer Service

Does everyone in your organization understand and deliver the service that customers are seeking to keep them coming back?  This full day workshop will help people to realize just what a key role they play in the success of the company and the impact it has on the bottom line.  Today’s customers are knowledgeable and organizations need to continually up their game to maintain and grow their customer base.

Key skills and opportunities will be outlined and many challenging exercises will help people to understand how to exceed the customer needs, to enhance their personal skills and their service delivery.

Dealing with Customer Complaints

Handling complaints quickly and well will keep your customers coming back and recommending you!

Customers want knowledgeable, competent staff and when things go wrong, they want them fixed immediately.  This workshop is designed to do this, to determine the root cause of complaints and  help staff deal with complaints quickly and effectively.  People will learn to build on their natural styles, enhance their communication skills and strengthen the image of the organization.  This day is intended to enhance the participant’s confidence in their abilities to deal with a range of diverse people and to walk away with more skills to deal with future challenges.

Conflict Resolution and Positive Results

Conflict is part of daily life, but many people are uncomfortable dealing with it.  This session is designed to enhance skills, to understand the many ways to resolve conflict, to provide a solid methodology to work through issues, and to deal with the fear of what individual’s believe could happen. A variety of techniques and strategies will be shared and the opportunity to experience some real world scenarios will help your team gain the confidence to move forward.