Leadership at Every Level

This thought-provoking full day workshop encourages everyone to realize their leadership potential.  Leaders are in many places and at many levels throughout society.  Is your organization providing opportunities for staff to showcase their leadership skills?  To reap the benefits of embracing change, building strong teams, opening communication,  raising morale, motivating staff, encouraging strong creativity (leave this blue part in)  Creating the opportunity to build leadership skills can help to build rust and enhance communication to inspire others to achieve the success that is out there waiting for you!

Maximizing Results with Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Do you have the right people in the right jobs?  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is an individual profile that can help identify each person’s particular type, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to promote better working relationships with others.  Benefits to be gained: potential to job requirements leave blue part in:

  • Resolve conflict more quickly and effectively
  • Conduct meetings to allow various perspectives to be heard for stronger results
  • Promote team building based on inherent strengths and weaknesses
  • Reduce stress levels and improve relationships
  • Understand the needs and motivation of others
  •  Improve communication dynamics and problem solving.

Trust – The Invisible Key to Success

It is one of the most important components of a happy, productive workplace.  This one day workshop will highlight the 10 key factors of trust and how you can be a great role model for others. We will explore the internal and external trust factors unique to your business and help to create a roadmap to increase the trust levels to keep your customers coming back!This session will define trust, the necessary behaviours and the impact it has on your organization.  If trust is well founded, it plays a strong role in building relationships, developing a committed workforce, achieving goals and objectives, increasing the bottom line in organizations and it can create a strong moral fiber that enhances the public image and reputation of the people and the companies involved.

Women in Leadership

Tap into the power that women bring with their leadership style. This session will help them enhance and embrace their strengths, skills and communication styles.  We will address the unique opportunities as well as the challenges that women face in the workplace.  Well defined characteristics of leaders can help an organization reap the benefits by utilizing this amazing resource.  Let your organization shine as a leader who encourages everyone to step up to the plate and become the leader they have inside!

Developing High Performance Teams

When people have an opportunity to contribute effectively to a team, amazing creativity and results can happen!  This full day workshop will cover the four critical aspects of creating a high performance team so they can move to a higher level to motivate everyone and achieve the desired results.  They will have the opportunity to evaluate their current level of operation, look at individual behaviours and to identify areas and specific actions to improve the future and build this powerful team.

Soaring with Motivation!

This enlightening workshop will identify positive motivation characteristics and the impact they have on individuals and organizations. We will explore opportunities for growth and how to raise the motivation levels of others.  Who should attend – people who want to enhance their motivation and creativity to build a future to maximize their potential, effectiveness and self-satisfaction. Don’t miss this!

Bringing Out the Best in Staff!

This dynamic one-day workshop will help you to unlock the potential of the people reporting to you!

It will tap into your leadership style and boost the productivity of everyone while helping people manage change, increase morale, enhance communication, build stronger teams, deal with conflict effectively and create motivated staff.  Helping staff to realize their potential and unlocking the key to future success means everyone wins!