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Dealing with Customer Complaints

Dealing effectively with complaints can be a real artform. It takes skill and knowledge to really connect with the customer, understand clearly what the issue is, deal with any emotions that may surface and recognize the options and solutions available to resolve them.

Customers want competent staff who are available, understand, listen well, suggest options to deal with the complaint and they want things fixed immediately. This workshop will help to fulfill that role. It is designed to determine the root cause of the complaint and explore options with the customer so they are involved in the process. People will learn to build on their natural styles, enhance their communication skills, develop strong problem-solving methods, understand the importance of the organization’s policies and procedures, and how to continually strive to strengthen the image of the organization. This day is intended to enhance the participant’s confidence in their abilities to deal with a range of diverse people and to walk away with more skills to deal with future challenges.