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Leadership at Every Level

This thought-provoking full day workshop encourages everyone to realize their leadership potential. Leaders are in many places and at many levels though out society. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an “official” title, but perhaps just a natural talent for leadership. Is your organization providing opportunities for staff to increase and showcase their leadership skills? Are you taking advantage of any training to enhance your skills? To reap the benefits of embracing change, building strong teams, creating open, honest communication lines, raising morale, motivating staff, encouraging creativity, dealing with conflict effectively and respectfully, then good leaders are needed. Are you up to the task?

Join us to learn about the top five qualities people want to see in a leader, how to maximize the use of your power bases, avoid traps and pitfalls of potential leaders, how to build trust throughout all levels of the organization and the many strategies that will build a strong leadership reputation. Become the leader that everyone wants to work for!