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Leadership, Ethics and Integrity – a Strategic Advantage!

Leadership, ethics and integrity are key components if your organization and you personally, are to not only survive, but to thrive! There are too many examples of people and organizations that make poor decisions and end up with a tarnished reputation. This full-day workshop will help to strengthen the characteristics and qualities of your leaders, and to integrate integrity so that it is a constant in the behaviours of everyone in the organization. Stephen Covey has done research that has shown that a 10% increase in trust within an organization’s culture has the same effect on employee satisfaction as a 36% increase in pay.

We will discuss how to address situations that need to be changed; identify gaps and trust traps and how to deal with them; how your leadership style impacts others to act with integrity; tips and techniques to work collaboratively to build a strong culture and ensure that everyone consistently operates with integrity; the importance of open, honest communication and how to ensure that the integrity scale is moving in the direction you want to see.