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The Magic of Customer Service – Make It Exemplary!

Does everyone in your organization understand and deliver the service that customers are seeking to keep them coming back? This full-day workshop will help people to realize just what a key role they play in the success of the company and the impact their interactions can have on both their image and reputation as well as the whole organization! Today’s customers are knowledgeable, better educated and know they can usually go elsewhere if they don’t get a good product and service. You want to build strong customer loyalty with your service.

We will cover topics such as the key service skills necessary in today’s world, individual styles that help or hinder service, the importance of seamless service throughout the organization, the role that trust and communication can play for success, how to implement the “FIRST” process and many others strategies that will have your customers walking away with satisfaction and recommending you to others. Join us see how you can raise the bar to deliver exemplary customer service.