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Unravelling the Negativity Knot!

The impact of negativity on individuals and organizations can be devastating if not dealt with quickly and effectively. When it becomes embedded in the organization, it can feel overwhelming and absolutely an energy drainer. Morale will plummet, productivity will decrease and you may find this impacts customer satisfaction and market share.

This one-day workshop will help to identify the causes, signs and impact of negativity; highlight techniques to deal with the stress it can cause people; learn how to create a dialogue to address issues that are getting in the way or destroying relationships; understand that feedback is critical if everyone is to realize how their behaviour is impacting others; know there may be serious consequences if not corrected, and realize there are many strategies that will help to eliminate negative behaviours. Don’t let negativity create a toxic environment! Be the best you can be and unravel that negativity knot that is stopping you and the success your organization wants to see!